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 New Rules

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PostSubject: New Rules   New Rules Icon_minitimeSat Dec 15, 2007 9:15 pm


No double accouting
You are not allowed to create duplicate accounts for the same person.
You only need one account, no more. You are allowed to make more accounts
for members in your family though, however, bans, whether temporary or
permanent, may be added to all accounts. If you have a valid reason to
only have one of the accounts of your IP banned (i.e. Your brother wanted to get
you banned.), then contact a staff member. We will look into it, but because
of abuse, we cannot promise you will get your account back.

Tagalog only for the pinoy central.

No Pornography
Nude and Sexy Pictures are not allowed in Poke Champs.If i see you putting Pornography on your sig,I will Ban you.but if i liked it you may. JOKES!

No Bad Words
Bad words are really bad.1 Bad word is 3 day ban.If you say 50 bad words.I will Ban you forever.

Respect other members on the board
Do not insult, flame, bash or in any other way act rude towards any other
member of this board. Members are entitled to have their own opinions.
Also do not use any discriminating words that has to do with any persons;
age,$ex,gender, race or colour.

Spamming is not allowed
Spamming is making topics or posts that are either off-topic or in general have
nothing to do with anything at all. In simple terms, it is everything that doesn't
make sense, or should not belong in the specific topic/board.

Do not impersonate me or Admin_165
Do not impersonate me or Admin_165.Impersonating me is a ban of 365 days.Impersonating Admin_165 will give you a permanent ban.

No fighting allowed.Fighting is not tolerated.If you Fight,I will ban you.

Understand that if any of these rules were broken - consequences may be severe. It is on your own risk if you feel like breaking these rules. I am not forcing anyone to follow these, but I'm giving you the chance to understand these rules now so that no dispute will take place in the future. Thank you for understanding.

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PostSubject: Re: New Rules   New Rules Icon_minitimeFri Dec 28, 2007 5:14 pm


These rules has been edited by Pokemon Champions last Dec. 28
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New Rules
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